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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Mood: Sleepy


It's looks funny since i still can write and share something here in this moment, while everyone is sleeping but i..??? haha..i don't know why i'm still want to write even i realise that i feel very sleepy right now..but don't care about that.

Actually, i just want to share about what had happened to me for all over this short semester and what i felt. They are all about life that other people also facing it, just like me, no matter how that life is going to be. Nothing to be different as all of us should face and adapt ourselves to overcome any incoming obstacles in our life,right?? but, what's going to be different is how do we handle and face them with our challengeable environment and also kind of people around us that we need to deal with.

In this moment, when most of CFS student taking their course in this short semester (including me), then i admit that this sem is going to be the most unenjoyable sem to stay in because its period of time that is too short and most student just take one subject to be completed including me. Then, can you imagine that how it's gonnna to be boring when you just need to focus on one subject, not on the other..?? then, everyday you just look for the same book..everyday..day by day..and so on..so?? it's going to be boring,right?? I don't know what do you feel out there but truly and honestly in myself, it is what i feel.

Then, the other thing that i realise, perhaps, there is more chances for me, maybe also for the other students, i don't know, to go out. because there is so much time that we can spend to hang out with friends or maybe to buy some of our necessaries at the mall (wow!)..if we compared to the long sem one, we still have the time to go out but not really much as we have in this short sem, right?? because our timetable is soo pack and full that we need to think twice if we want to go out. everyone seems buzy with their own "business"..means that with their study life, right??
Same also like me..

Besides, in the middle of study life, it's lying if we say that we don't have any problems at all in our way.. even it is the simple one but, there must be a problem that we need to face it..to say, i'm also one of them that sometimes, i think, i feel that this such problem really make me down and make my concentration to my study sometimes loses. Even my inner feeling and mind also being affected by it. but, i'm not the one who are very easily to give up in facing such situation. I just sometimes will ask myself, what i am should be?? how strong i should be?? and how i can be like the other person whose who are very strong in facing their obstacles in life?? i really want to be just like them. hopefully i can.

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